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This wrap is perfect! One of my concerns when I bought an Instant Pot was aesthetics. I had fully planned on storing it in a cupboard. I took a chance on this wrap and I am not disappointed! It looks great and fits right in with my kitchen. Thanks again!


Jill 6/25/19

LOVE LOVE LOVE these wraps!!! Perfection!! So much fun!! I want to buy all of them!!!!


Pam M - 8/19/19

This was my second purchase. My hubby bought me a second IP for my birthday so I needed another wrap! I love the pop of color this brings to my kitchen! Super fast shipping, thank you!


Nicole B 7/3/19

I bought this as a gift for a friend who loves sunflowers. She was blown away by it. Thank you!


Mandi 8/10/19

Amazing, as usual! I've purchased several wraps from this shop and they are all amazing and fit perfectly!


Molly 5/15/19
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